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About us

GenThreeFX was founded in 2022 by two VFX- artists in Stuttgart. Their passion for filming, big projects and creative work convinced them to found their own studio. They worked on a big project, the "Frankfurt Earthquake Project" and set their own standards. Later GenThreeFX grew and is now internationally known and relevant.

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Our Software

GenThreeFX uses the newest and best software to create the most powerful scenes and arts. Mostly we are using 

SideFX Houdini, Autodesk Maya and Davinci Resolve Studio. We maximized our quality with Blender for creating and editing textures and Video Ahance AI to upscale clips, effects and animations. We have found that these programs have a positive effect on our workflow and efficiency.

Our Hardware

For many years, GenThreeFX has tried what the most efficient and fastest hardware acceleration is and finally came to the conclusion to put all systems on AMD. Above all, we focused on render time and power consumption and made our decisions accordingly. For this purpose, GPU render cards are used as well as processors that support us in our day-to-day tasks. Our projects are rendered exclusively on AMD graphics cards.

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Details and complexity

Before the rendering process, it is checked thoroughly and several times whether something can be improved or optimized. As a result, projects are designed even more precisely and mistakes are avoided. GenThreeFX invests time to scan every frame for optimizations. Only when all artists are satisfied we put the project into the render cycle. This saves us a lot of time, which we can then put into new big scenes.

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We work together with other VFX studios worldwide to accomplish big projects together. We currently have a few dozen studios working with us with a few hundred artists. This allows us to optimize and refine our work and complete the product faster. We also cooperate with large IT companies to always be up to date, to be able to act faster and to create the largest projects in the shortest possible time.

We work in hand with other studios.

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The latest and smartest technology

We rely on all systems in our studio for intelligent cooperation between the hardware that is used and software that has been perfectly selected to work together efficiently and perfectly. We always try to stay up to date in order to meet the latest requirements. Our systems are based on special AMD systems, which are able to establish communication between CPU and GPU and work together intelligently. That means a big increase in rendering performance.


We offer you the latest technological standard for every project and you can decide how you want to implement your masterpiece.

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Dolby Vision & Atmos

Our studio owns the Dolby Vision and Atmos license to make projects sound and look even better. So GenThreeFX has the ability to create movies and big blockbusters and to conjure up something on the screen that can almost correspond to reality.

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We offer you the opportunity to deliver to the highest standards. We can vary resolutions up to IMax. This is the most advanced cinema technology to date and we offer you this quality.

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AI Upscale Technologie

If you should not be able to get by with the desired quality afterwards, we offer you a technology that allows scenes to be scaled up. This is provided using the latest AI technology. This also requires high computing power, which we provide for you.

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